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Top Serving Needs for July 2017

Our church is committed to teamwork. Each month, we try to make you aware of ways you can use your gifts and interests to serve. Take a look at these 5 serving needs that we are hoping to fill, and consider whether one of them...

Through Gates of Splendor book
9 Books That Will Change How You View Missions

Looking for something to add to your reading list? Pick up one of these 9 resources that will expand your view of God's plan for missions at home and abroad. We've sorted them into two categories: "Across the Street" and "Across the Sea." Across the...

Across the Street and Across the Sea

What does it mean for Storyline’s missions to be “across the street and across the sea”? Acts 1:8 is one of the most oft-quoted verses regarding God’s call for Christians to be missions-minded. Here we read Jesus’ final words for His followers before He ascended into...

The Heights Church: An Update from Corbin Hobbs

A few months ago, we prayed for and celebrated the launch of a new church plant in the heart of Denver called The Heights. We even sent a couple of our members to serve on the core team for this new gospel movement in the...

Storyline Fellowship cares - prayer care ministry - Church - Arvada CO
Top 7 Serving Needs in June 2017

Teamwork is a real value around here. We hope that everyone who comes to Storyline will find a place where they can use their gifts and talents for God's glory. Here are a few of the volunteer needs we are hoping to fill this summer: Storyland...

Kill your church
How to Kill Your Church Quickly

This summer, we are opening someone else’s mail. We are studying 1 Timothy, a letter that was written 2000 years ago by a Jewish mentor named Paul, a pastor who was in the sunset of his life. Like Yoda to Skywalker, teacher to pupil, Paul...

Arvada Neighbor
3 Practical Ways to be “For the Kingdom”

At Storyline, we’ve committed to linking arms with other churches for a goal that is bigger than building up our own programs and events. You’ve heard us say, “We’re for the Kingdom, not the castle,” and you may be thinking to yourself, “That’s great, but...

For the kingdom, not the castle
For the Kingdom, Not the Castle: Playing Offense

A castle is an intimidating, impenetrable fortress, strategically surrounded by a moat. Its primary purpose is as a defensive structure, prepared for an attack by the enemy. The castle image is not the picture Jesus painted of the local church, at all. He promised to...

Excellent Neighbors
Excellent Neighboring: Your Most Important Ministry

We Need Excellence in Outreach This month at Storyline, we are emphasizing our cultural value that “Excellence is Endearing.” We know that everything can’t be equally excellent, but there are four mission-critical areas where we cannot afford to fail. Today, I want to speak to the need...

We Need Excellent Pipelines for Serving

2017 is a year for engraining culture in our church. We want to wear our values on our sleeve, and communicate clearly who we want to be as we grow up. This month, we are discussing our passion for excellence, especially in four key areas:...