What's New with Chapter Two?

Chapter Two Prayer Updates

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Join us in praying and preparing for our next step as a church family.

In the coming months, Storyline is embarking on the greatest journey we’ve ever taken as a church family, as we explore how we can move from a season of portable church to a more permanent home. We believe God has given us an exciting vision for the days ahead. Read on to learn more about the ways you can be involved in what God is doing through Chapter Two!

Ben Mandrell, Lead Pastor

Ben Mandrell, Lead Pastor

In addition to checks and cash, the church will also be prepared to receive non-cash donations, including stocks, jewelry, vehicles and land. For more information or to make arrangements for such giving, contact David Yeager.

Celebrating Where We've Been

Our First Meeting

10+ people meet for Storyline’s first “service” in the Mandrell home

Charter Members

Storyline’s core team of approximately 100 people meet at Remax Realty office

Launching Strong

Storyline begins at West Woods Elementary with 350 people

Making the Big Move

Storyline outgrows West Woods and moves to Ralston Valley High School

Happy Birthday!

In February of 2016, Storyline celebrates one year of being a “real” church.

A New Direction

Storyline begins pursuing a new, more permanent home

Why Build?

There are three big reasons that point us toward moving into our own space:


1. Planning for the future:

We have built excellent relationships with the schools we have rented over the past two years: West Woods Elementary and Ralston Valley High School. We’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to rent a public space, but renting was never intended to be a permanent solution.


2. Refocusing our energy:

The weekly tasks of setting up and tearing down, along with the pressures of navigating the logistics of renting a space, create a huge drain on our people and resources. We’d love to direct more of our sweat equity toward our mission for multiplication.


3. Investing our resources:

We currently spend about $84,000 per year on rent alone. As stewards of the resources God has provided, we think it’s a better investment to put that money toward owning a property rather than renting.

Projected Building costs & financing

What will our space look like?


We’re still nailing down the details, but here’s what we do know!


900+ seat worship center: Room to grow in our worship gatherings.


Flexible seating: Worship center space becomes usable for multiple types of events.


Versatile lobby: Ample space for weekday events and Sunday morning conversation.


Multi-function gym space: A large gymnasium to use both for Sunday morning purposes and for

outreach into our community.


Maximum accessibility: Single-level floor plan providing easy access for those with special needs.


Children’s spaces: Secure classrooms, state-of-the-art worship room and indoor play area to fit our growing kids ministry.


Dedicated student space: A designated area for 7th-12th graders which can also function as usable space for events and activities.


Breakout spaces: Opportunities for smaller gatherings and classes.


Staff offices: Pastors and staff working together under one roof during the week.