Other Ministries

Serving at Storyline

Arvada Church - Administrative Support - Storyline Fellowship

Overview:  As Storyline grows, work alongside the staff with clerical and administrative tasks.

Responsibilities:  Tasks vary depending on time commitment and skills – data entry, writing thank you cards, organizing special events, calendaring events, etc.

Commitment:  Dependent on availability.

Contact:  Rob Simpson (rob@storylinefellowship.com)

Storyline Fellowship - Arvada Church - Communication & Media

Overview:  Do you enjoy writing?  Are you skilled at social media or a wizard on websites?  There’s always work to be done, and we’d love to have you on the team!

Responsibilities:  Serve with our team as we cover website and blog, social media, After|Story, and weekly emails as well as event promotion and outreach.

Commitment:  Work from home during the week on a weekly basis (1-3 hrs/wk)

Contact:  Rob Simpson (rob@storylinefellowship.com)

Greeting - Welcome - Hospitality - Storyline - Arvada Church

Overview:  Help us extend love and care to all those who come to Storyline, from the parking lot to the worship room.

Responsibilities:  Need outgoing people that are good at connecting with anyone:  opening doors, passing out bulletins, ushering, greeting, setting up coffee, helping families find their way around, etc.

Commitment:  8:30am–9:05am or 10:15am–10:50am either on a weekly or biweekly basis.

Contact:  Lange Patrick (lange@storylinefellowship.com)

Local outreach ministries - storyline fellowship - a church in arvada Colorado

Overview:  Do you have a heart for serving and ministering to our community?  Consider being actively involved in engaging with local partners, businesses, organizations and the City of Arvada to represent Storyline and to help develop opportunities for us to serve them.

Responsibilities:  Work alongside an outreach team who’s responsibility is to develop relationships with the community by serving them in various ways.

Commitment:  Dependent on availability.

Contact:  Rick Lewis (rick@storylinefellowship.com)

play guitar, drums, keyboard, piano, bass in a church worship band for storyline fellowship in arvada colorado

Overview:  Gifted musicians and vocalists needed to help lead worship on Sunday mornings.

Responsibilities:  Help setup and tear down the audio/visual equipment, participate in weekly rehearsals when scheduled to participate, and spiritual preparation to lead others in worship.

Commitment:  Schedule varies based on instrumentation and willingness or availability.  Rehearsals once/week for 60-90 minutes; Sundays as needed from 7am – 12:30pm.

Contact:  Doug Pierce (doug@storylinefellowship.com)

prayer, pray, intercession, care for others, storyline church arvada colorado

Overview:  Prayer is powerful, particularly when two or more are gathered together to lift up spiritual needs.  The purpose of the prayer team is to commit to praying over Sunday’s services prayer cards as well as other specific prayer concerns and needs.

Responsibilities:  To meet together as a team and pray.

Commitment:  Join the prayer team on a weekly basis or when your schedule allows.

Contact:  Rick Lewis (rick@storylinefellowship.com)

portable church arvada colorado - worship - storyline fellowship - setup - teardown

Overview:  Help us set up and tear down the worship room and children’s areas before and after the worship services.

Responsibilities:  Set up and tear down tech equipment, chairs, children’s toys and supplies, curtains, cases, etc.

Commitment:  7am – 8:30am (for setup) and 12pm – 1pm (for teardown) on a weekly or biweekly rotation.

Contact:  Seth Taylor (seth@storylinefellowship.com)

sound, lights, projection, powerpoint, media, graphics - storyline arvada colorado church

Overview:  Help us prepare for worship by running all technical components (audio, video, lighting) during each service.

Responsibilities:  Setup and teardown of the worship space and running technical equipment.  Assist in running lighting, sound, video and stage management.

Commitment:  6:30am – 1pm on a rotating schedule.

Contact:  Doug Pierce (doug@storylinefellowship.com)