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Become a Model!

No, not that kind—A spiritual role model, showing faithfulness that others can follow! Just like Paul strived to be a godly example for the Thessalonian church, you can make yours count by advancing the lives of others with integrity.

Believe it or not, the Apostle Paul was a church planter! As quickly as he could raise up solid leaders, he would leave that place in good hands and move on to the next city. This new sermon series zooms in on one of the churches Paul started during his ministry.

This is the Last Straw!

Human beings have limits on what we can handle, but what about God? Does God have such boundaries? When it comes to stress, of course not, but when it comes to human rebellion, yes. There is a limit to how much he is willing to put up with. In this week's sermon, we see God's patience run out for Saul.

How should we understand difficult passages throughout the Old Testament? What do we make of the violence in 1 Samuel 15:3? In this sermon, Pastor Ben shares how we can make sense of God's goodness and his judgment, his wrath and his grace.
There's an old saying, simple and true: Decisions determine destiny. In this week's message, we see how some impulsive decisions led to disaster for Saul, and how we can avoid making the same mistakes.

This week in our services, we heard from Storyline's Student Pastor, Seth Hubler. In his sermon on 1 Kings 18, we learn of the pitfalls of idolatry. Seth urges us to put away things that steal our gaze from God, while we instead put our...

Your name on the door does not make you a leader. In this week's sermon, we learn from the example of Saul that it takes more than just a title to lead well. You can look the part, but leading in the power of the Holy Spirit means rising up under pressure.
Do you know what your calling is? Every Christian has a calling–a life-fulfilling purpose–that God has planned for each of us. In this sermon about a man named Saul, we learn that God not only calls people to a particular task, but he also equips everyone he calls. How will you live out the calling in your life?
In this final sermon on the Sermon on the Mount, Pastor Ben discuses the two warnings Jesus gives. Jesus makes clear the importance of not simply listening to the words he has spoken, but also putting them into practice. Those who truly know God regularly submit to and respond to Jesus as Lord.
In today's sermon, Pastor Ben addresses the question, "When is it appropriate and when is it foolish, to judge?" In Matthew 7, Jesus clearly teaches about how we are to judge others and ourselves.