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Do you know what your calling is? Every Christian has a calling–a life-fulfilling purpose–that God has planned for each of us. In this sermon about a man named Saul, we learn that God not only calls people to a particular task, but he also equips everyone he calls. How will you live out the calling in your life?
In this final sermon on the Sermon on the Mount, Pastor Ben discuses the two warnings Jesus gives. Jesus makes clear the importance of not simply listening to the words he has spoken, but also putting them into practice. Those who truly know God regularly submit to and respond to Jesus as Lord.
In today's sermon, Pastor Ben addresses the question, "When is it appropriate and when is it foolish, to judge?" In Matthew 7, Jesus clearly teaches about how we are to judge others and ourselves.
As Pastor Ben continues in his series covering the Sermon on the Mount, we learn about what Jesus thinks about the Old Testament law. Rather than rejecting or replacing the law, Jesus keeps it and fulfills it, so that we don't have to.
As Pastor Ben finishes up the final Beatitudes in Matthew 5, we learn several important marks of a happy person. Jesus reveals what the happy life truly looks like. Those whose hearts are wholly for God, and those who pursue peace, will discover a fuller, happier life. And sometimes, that means looking very different from others around us.
On this Easter, we learn from the Sermon on the Mount where true happiness can be found. As Jesus teaches about how humans flourish best, we learn that the happy people are those who have experienced God's mercy and who show it to others in turn. Those who recognize their own brokenness, sinfulness, and need for Christ can find true happiness.

This week's message comes from our Church Planting Resident, Chris Phillips. They will be planting Journey Point Fellowship this upcoming fall in the Stapleton, CO area. See their website, JourneyPoint.org to learn more! While we cannot know the whole of God's will, we can certainly know what...

Several of you asked questions about the after life: "What happens to me after I die?" In this sermon, Pastor Ben shows the Biblical answers, explaining from 2 Cor. 5 that being present with the Lord is better than remaining in this earthly tent. Being absent from the body is only temporary, however, until that time when Christ returns for his Church. Until that time, we should continue to look toward the finish line.
This week, Pastor Ben answers a question about generational curses found in Scripture. This message looks deeply into the habits and sins each of us carry into marriage, and the batons we must drop if we are to help set our children on a different path.