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Thankful: One Thankful Person | November 12th, 2017
As we enter the season of Thanksgiving, we pause to thank God for the many good things he has done. Pastor Ben shares from Luke 17 about the importance of gratitude, and the delight it brings to our heavenly Father. What are you thankful for?
Chapter Two: Fueling the Church | November 5, 2017
God has made us stewards over everything he has given us. From the parable of the dishonest manager, we learn that we should use our resources to make strategic eternal investments that truly matter. As Storyline looks forward to "Chapter Two," Pastor Ben challenges the church to think strategically and generously with what God has entrusted to them.
Chapter Two: The Loving Church | October 29, 2017
Pastor Ben walks us through 1 Corinthians 13, the love chapter, and shows how important love is for the church today. By loving and serving one another, we show the world that we belong to Jesus Christ.
Chapter Two: The Worshipping Church | October 15, 2017
As Storyline transitions to Chapter Two, Ben shares about the importance of the Church. In Matthew 16, as Peter confesses that Jesus is the Christ, we see the foundation stone of the Church, which begins with Peter and spreads to all tribe, people, language and nation.
David Uth: Living Poured Out | October 15, 2017

Dr. David Uth, pastor of First Baptist Orlando, urges us to hold nothing back in our pursuit of Christ. Just as the apostle Paul "poured himself out," we too have the opportunity to be impactful of the Kingdom....

The Path: 1 Kings
The Path: Solomon’s Fall | October 1, 2017
For all of Solomon's wisdom, he fails to be obedient to God. This week, we learn of the problems that arise when Solomon leaves The Path that God had set him upon. As we consider the danger signs of leaving The Path, we see the need to personally fight sin and to live in community where we can encourage one another.
The Path: 1 Kings
The Path: The Covenant Keeping God | September 24, 2017
Pastor Ben explains how God, through a covenantal relationship with His people, shows himself to be a faithful God. Just as Jeremiah prophesied centuries before about a new covenant, God would change the hearts of people from the inside, making a way for forgiveness through the Christ.
The Path: 1 Kings
The Path: He Meets With Us | September 17, 2017
Pastor Ben explains the history and theology of Solomon's temple. Throughout the Old Testament, God was present with His people through the temple. Jesus proved, however, that the temple was merely a foreshadowing of a greater reality: God personally present with His people through Christ.  
The Path: 1 Kings
The Path: Choosing Wisdom | September 10, 2017
As we continue in 1 Kings, Ben discusses our desperate need for wisdom. Just as Solomon recognized that God is the ultimate source of wisdom, we too can only find true wisdom through Jesus Christ. Because of Jesus, we can humbly ask God for wisdom in our everyday lives.