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The Path: 1 Kings
The Path: Solomon’s Fall | October 1, 2017
For all of Solomon's wisdom, he fails to be obedient to God. This week, we learn of the problems that arise when Solomon leaves The Path that God had set him upon. As we consider the danger signs of leaving The Path, we see the need to personally fight sin and to live in community where we can encourage one another.
The Path: 1 Kings
The Path: The Covenant Keeping God | September 24, 2017
Pastor Ben explains how God, through a covenantal relationship with His people, shows himself to be a faithful God. Just as Jeremiah prophesied centuries before about a new covenant, God would change the hearts of people from the inside, making a way for forgiveness through the Christ.
The Path: 1 Kings
The Path: He Meets With Us | September 17, 2017
Pastor Ben explains the history and theology of Solomon's temple. Throughout the Old Testament, God was present with His people through the temple. Jesus proved, however, that the temple was merely a foreshadowing of a greater reality: God personally present with His people through Christ.  
The Path: 1 Kings
The Path: Choosing Wisdom | September 10, 2017
As we continue in 1 Kings, Ben discusses our desperate need for wisdom. Just as Solomon recognized that God is the ultimate source of wisdom, we too can only find true wisdom through Jesus Christ. Because of Jesus, we can humbly ask God for wisdom in our everyday lives.
Our Journey Sermon
Our Journey | September 3, 2017

In this sermon, Chris Phillips, our church planting resident, shares about how the journey of Jesus and his own journey intersected, resulting in a burden for planting a church in Stapleton, CO. When followers of Jesus leave everything behind and give God their whole lives,...

The Path: 1 Kings
The Path: Securing the Throne | August 27, 2017

In the second chapter of 1 Kings, Ben describes the important transition of the throne from King David to his son, King Solomon. In his parting words, David challenges his son to step up and be a godly man. Solomon is to show strength and courage as a leader by following the path God has laid out for Him.
The Path: 1 Kings
The Path: Power Play | August 20, 2017

In this message, Ben identifies reservations some have with the Old Testament. In examining the end of King David's life, and the ascent of King Solomon, guarding against pride and pursuing godly priorities are crucial for the Christian life. Yet when we fail, like the Kings of Israel who left God's Path, His grace is greater still.
The Art of Receiving
The Art of Receiving | August 6, 2017

Guest speaker Dave Runyon shares what he means by "The Art of Receiving" when it comes to authentic relationships with your neighbors....