Church Planting Residency

2017-2018 Residents

Chris and Libby Phillips are planting Journey Point Church in the Stapleton, CO, area and have 4 children: Tripp, Paxton, Rhett and Henley Grace.

A Vision for Multiplying

At Storyline, we have a vision to plant multiplying churches that are reaching, developing, and discipling people for Christ. We are actively seeking and praying for planters who God is calling to help us accomplish His work.


A Mountain to Climb

Church planting is hard.  Between 1998-2008 in the Denver metro area, there was a staggering 80% failure rate among evangelical church plants.  What are some reasons? Lack of leadership training, inadequate funding, family pressures and inability to share the gospel to name a few. A church planting residency can adequately address these issues and more.


A Strategy to Get There

Our strategy is a church planting residency where planters can be equipped, sent and cared for as God builds new churches through them.  The residency combines the benefits of a formal church planting assessment (Send Network) with the informal, ongoing assessment of a local church (Storyline).  In this 9-month incubator the planter can survey the city, gain valuable church planting leadership tools, allow time to acclimate to the culture, and experience the joy of being sent out by our church.


Why Come to Storyline?

The Church Planting Residency at Storyline will offer personal, comprehensive training and care for the church planter, his family and his church. From residency through launch and beyond, we’re with you and for you. We’re helping you get funded. We’re looking out for your marriage. We’re watching for signs of discouragement. We’re praying with you. We’re helping you stay true to the gospel. We’re providing a safe haven to work through issues that left unaddressed, could negatively impact your church to come.


Other Benefits of the Residency:

  • Training – 9 month, cohort-style, emphasizing preaching, practical leadership and more.  See Multiply to find out more.
  • Relationships – Investment from Storyline’s staff and leaders as well as a family-like connection with your cohort.
  • Housing – we offer very affordable housing plus a generous monthly stipend.
  • Funding – you’ll receive financial support through our network of partners.
  • Coaching – ongoing coaching and care after your church is planted.

We are a multiplying church,
working with others
to catalyze a movement.

Want to know more about the Residency? Click the link below to download a PDF explaining the ins and outs of the Storyline Network and how you can be involved.

What is our “best fit” candidate profile?

The Storyline Residency is geared towards training the leader who is gifted in overall leadership to serve in the role of team captain – whether you call that person the team leader, lead pastor or some other title.  He is the person on the team that naturally stays focused on the big picture, is gifted in teaching, brings entrepreneurial energy, and keeps the team moving forward in unity.


Fellowship Associates and Acts 29 have developed an ideal candidate profile for potential church planters.  According to their research, the ideal candidate is marked by the following:


  • A strong gospel-centered orientation, theology and life
  • A track record of character and responsibility
  • Teachability and a desire to learn
  • A proven communicator and teacher
  • A spirit of courage and confidence with a great sense of humility
  • Leadership ability that is evidenced by past performance
  • An entrepreneurial spirit that has demonstrated past successes in starting new ventures
  • Commitment to a team approach to ministry
  • Ability to enlist others in new venture
  • A self-starter


Application Process

Potential church planters should submit the Church Planting Interest Form for review to determine entry into the application process. Candidates will be screened and interviewed by the director of church planting (Lange Patrick) and supporting staff at Storyline.



We would love to hear from you!  Let us know about your interest or any questions you have. Contact Lange Patrick for more information,

Our strategy is a
church planting residency
where planters can be equipped,
sent and cared for as God builds
new churches through them.

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