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Our Leadership

It takes an army of people to accomplish all that goes on in the life of our church. This page represents the staff leadership of Storyline, but is by no means a comprehensive list of the high-capacity leaders serving our ministries. We believe it is the Biblical role of the pastor to equip church members to discover, develop and deploy their own spiritual gifts. The team represented below is primarily concerned with leading our people to find their fit on the team.

Ben Mandrell - Lead Pastor

Ben Mandrell

Lead Pastor

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Doug Pierce - Worship Pastor

Doug Pierce

Worship Pastor

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Rick Lewis - Associate Pastor

Rick Lewis

Associate Pastor / Outreach & Missions

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Lange Patrick - Church Planting Pastor

Lange Patrick

Church Planting Pastor

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David Yeager - Director of Finance & Strategic Initiatives

David Yeager

Director of Finance & Strategic initiatives

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Lynley Mandrell - Children's Ministry Leader

Lynley Mandrell

Director of Children’s Ministry

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Maria King – Children's Ministry Volunteer Coordinator

Maria King

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Coordinator

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Nicole Pitman – Children's Ministry Volunteer Assistant

Nicole Pitman

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Assistant

Seth Hubler - Student Ministry

Seth Hubler

Student Minister

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Seth Taylor - College Ministry - Setup

Seth Taylor

Director of College Ministry and Setup/Teardown

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Lindsay Acocella - Assistant to the Lead Pastor

Lindsay Acocella

Assistant to the Lead Pastor

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Rob Simpson - Communications Minister

Rob Simpson

Communications Minister / Young Adults

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Rosalie Davis – Accountant

Rosalie Davis


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Ministry Team Leaders

Preschool & Children’s Ministry:
Lynley Mandrell (email)

The Bridge (5th & 6th Grade)
Lynley Mandrell (email)

Student Ministry:
Seth Hubler (email)

College Ministry:
Seth Taylor (email)

Men’s & Women’s Ministry:
Rick Lewis (email)

Administrative Support:
Rob Simpson (email)

Communications & Media:
Rob Simpson (email)

Home Groups:
Rick Lewis (email)

Lange Patrick (email)

Local Outreach:
Rick Lewis (email)

Music & Worship:
Doug Pierce (email)

Prayer & Care:
Rick Lewis (email)

Setup & Teardown:
Seth Taylor (email)

Technology & A/V:
Doug Pierce (email)