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In this final sermon on the book of Job, Pastor Ben explains that God always writes the final chapter of our stories. While Job does not get all the answers he wants, he does realize that God is sovereign and in control. Our greatest growth comes in seasons of waiting.  

Sometimes wisdom seems hard to find—like searching for gold in a dark mine. In this week's sermon, Ben addresses the challenge of finding wisdom, and shares an answer to a question we received this week via text.

  In this week's passage, Job declares that finding wisdom is more difficult than finding gold and jewels in a cave. He is tempted to despair. Thankfully, we have access to the New Testament, and have hope that Jesus is both the wisdom and the power of God to those who believe.  
Pastor Ben shares about the do's and don'ts of counseling others who experience suffering. Job's situation shows us how we can be mature in suffering and to prepare for the future storms of life. Just as listening is an important skill in communication, loving people well in the midst of difficulty is an important role of the church.
In this new series, we discover the realities of tragedy, pain, suffering, and grief that come our way during this life. As Pastor Ben shows us from Job's life, God himself will be our peace and joy as we walk through difficult times.

This week in our services, Ben began a sermon series from the book of Job called "When God Disappoints", dealing with the issue of suffering in human life. Human beings can be godly and grief-stricken at the same time. It is not a lack of...

Christmas means that we have hope, but it does not mean that evil, pain, and suffering are finally done away with. Pastor Ben shares from Matt. 2:16-18 about the joy that comes through knowing Christ and the hope that comes from looking forward to when He will make all things new.