3 Practical Ways to be “For the Kingdom”

3 Practical Ways to be “For the Kingdom”

At Storyline, we’ve committed to linking arms with other churches for a goal that is bigger than building up our own programs and events. You’ve heard us say, “We’re for the Kingdom, not the castle,” and you may be thinking to yourself, “That’s great, but how do I apply that?” Here are a few suggestions!

1. Resist the urge to “compete” with others.

It can be supremely tempting to become puffed up when our ministry grows larger than another, or to become bitter when someone else thrives. Instead, find ways to celebrate the wins of other churches and ministries. When we lay down our pride, everyone wins.

2. Pray for God to bring revival inside and outside of Storyline.

I once heard a pastor say, “What if God wants to do an amazing work in your city, but he wants to use someone else’s church?” Being for the Kingdom means that we pray for God to move whether He wants to use us or the congregation down the street.

3. Look for ways to help Storyline plant more churches.

In the past year, we’ve supported a plant as it launched and identified our first church planting resident who will plant in 2018. How could God use your gifts to multiply the ministry of Storyline beyond our four walls?

It can be challenging in our culture to set aside individualism and personal preference, but we’ve found that when we lift our sights beyond the walls of the castle, and see the broader picture of God at work in the Kingdom, there is incredible joy.