3 Reasons Why You Should Attend Sunday’s Outdoor Baptism

3 Reasons Why You Should Attend Sunday’s Outdoor Baptism

This Sunday, Storyline will a host a first-ever. While we’ve celebrated many baptisms since the birth of our church, we have never done so OUTSIDE. This Sunday afternoon, our church family will gather at Hideaway Lake, to watch at least 17 people proclaim their faith through water baptism. Here are three fast reasons you should make plans to come:

  1. Witnessing baptism will bolster your own faith in Christ.

Jesus commanded that we continue this celebration of immersion so that the church would refresh its memory of grace. Watching a new brother or sister washed in the water and raised to new life is rejuvenating to the soul. It still brings tears to my eyes when I see it.

  1. We are planning lots of fun.

As advertised, this is more than just a dunk-em-and-leave kind of event. We want you to bring your food and enjoy a picnic atmosphere. We’ll have games for those who want to play, and plenty of laughter to go around. You might even want to bring the kids’ swimsuits and towels so that they can hop in. Or perhaps you??

  1. Relationships are born and grown through these kinds of events.

Many people sit in the stands when it comes to community. They grab the back row on Sunday mornings and hop out when it’s over. Community is a deep-down, soul desire that requires some work on our part. Through simple conversations and shared experiences, we bond with others. Come Sunday and get to know more people. Building relationships—that’s what life is all about!