3 Reasons Why We Love Our Sending Church

3 Reasons Why We Love Our Sending Church

Unlike most church plants, Storyline Fellowship enjoyed a running start. We didn’t begin with zero. We were handed remarkable resources, prayer, and protection. This all came through our Sending Church, First Orlando as well as our sponsoring organization, The North American Mission Board (NAMB). This past weekend, you had the blessing of hearing from David Uth, our Sending Pastor.

Here are three ways that David and his amazing church catalyzed our growth. What a blessing to receive!

How We Were Helped:

  • We had thousands of people praying for us.

In May 2014, First Orlando laid hands on the Mandrell family and sent us out formally in a worship service. That was a New Testament model and moment, for sure, but the prayers didn’t stop there. First Orlando continued to take time in worship services to lift up Storyline. Those prayers were felt, and every handwritten note for a Life Group in Florida sent fresh winds into our sails.

  • We had a crazy awesome baby shower for our church.

Early on, our team made a list of hundreds of items needed for ministry excellence. Copy paper, pens, diapers, extension cords—you name it, we put it on an Amazon Wish List. One Sunday, Pastor David announced to his church that they were hosting an online shower for their baby church called Storyline. In Denver, we sat in astonishment as every single item soon vanished from the list. We scrambled to find more things to add! It was so fun and so inspiring.

  • We had three years to grow into the “paid staff” paradigm.

Planting a church successfully requires an all-out effort. It’s incredibly difficult to start a church “on-the-side.” While some planters do pull off bi-vocational planting, I had the blessing of devoting all my hours to meeting new people, building relationships, and casting vision. First Orlando and NAMB partnered to put food on our table which removed tremendous pressure and provided me the mental room for full-on focus. In 2017, Storyline will begin absorbing the Lead Pastor salary into the budget and will seamlessly move toward self-sufficiency.

I could go list many more blessings we received from our Sending Church, but the greatest blessing will arrive the day we can pay it forward, helping another planter get his start along the Front Range. Acts 20:35, “…and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’”