3 Simple Ways to Change Your Mind

Being Transformed By The Renewing of Your Mind

3 Simple Ways to Change Your Mind

Our Minds Must Be Changed 

In Romans 12:1, the Scriptures declare, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind….” The mind is the key to the Christian life.

In fact, the first step to salvation is called repentance—which simply means a change in mind that results in a change in behavior. The mind of Christ must be gained first. Unfortunately, inviting Jesus into your life won’t make you an instant biblical genius. Spiritual insight requires effort and genius has been called long patience.  At Storyline, we believe that the pursuit of knowledge is the call of all believers, not just a select few.

How We Replace Old Ways of Thinking

The only way to supplant the world’s way of thinking is to replace it with God’s truth, which we believe is contained in the Bible. As Christianity’s foundational document, followers of Jesus consider the Scripture to be “God-breathed,” producing dramatic changes in human beings throughout history.

Lasting change takes place in people as they 1) sit under the faithful explanation of the Scriptures,  2) read the Bible for themselves and 3) hide Scripture in their heart through music and song. A brief word on each of these:

1. The Preaching of the Word

At Storyline, we believe that God gives the gift of teaching to a few in the church. When rightly used, this gift will “muscle” the body of Christ and build people up. Sometime this transformation is sudden and dramatic, but in most cases the Word of God penetrates the heart like a seed and grows up over time. For this reason, it is not weird to orient one’s life around the worship of the gathered church, and to make every effort to be present when the Word is preached.

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2. The Devotional Life

There is no single text in the Scripture that describes the “devotional life.” A healthy devotional pattern will depend on one’s personality. Some Christians find great delight in memorizing a Scripture or two each week. Others find joy in reading through the Bible in a year. Still others love to read a chapter of the Bible each day and write their deepest thoughts in a journal. Many methods are acceptable, and Storyline challenges people to “know thyself” as they strive to know God.

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3. The Wise Use of Music

Storyline loves to sing. It is no surprise that adults still recall the “A-B-C” song they learned as toddlers. Music smuggles truth into our minds, and it sticks. Christian music is a natural way to grow in knowledge of God, especially in the fertile hearts of the young.

(Did you know you can listen to the songs we sing each Sunday on Spotify? Just download the app and search “storylinefellowship”.)

Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly (Col. 3:16). It will change your mind. It will change you.