3 Ways To Make Your Home Group Leader’s Job a Joy

3 Ways To Make Your Home Group Leader’s Job a Joy

Hey Storyline! Home Groups launch this week! Thank you, leaders and hosts, for giving energy to making this a phenomenal year. As the old adage goes: “People aren’t looking for a friendly church; they are looking for friends.” Our Home Groups are designed to help people form deeper, more substantial relationships.

Here are 3 easy ways to help your leader and your group:

  1. Be willing to break the silence and speak up.
    Often, it only takes one person to share one thought, and an avalanche of conversation results. It is very frustrating to a leader when he continually throws out questions and hears nothing but crickets in the room. Share your mind and heart!
  2. Be mindful to keep your stories to two minutes or less.
    Group members can get frustrated when one person takes the microphone and tells long stories. It’s good to share your thoughts often, but be aware that the best home groups allow many voices and dialogue, not monologue.
  3. Be transparent.
    Shallow conversations are dull. If the message is about forgiveness, and you hold bitterness in your heart toward your parents, then be willing to confess it and share your need for the Gospel. Our brokenness is what binds us together.

Next week, I’ll share three more tips for making your Home Group leader’s job a joy, to improve your group’s experience. Have a great launch week!

See you Sunday…