4 Dreams About the Days Ahead: Happy Birthday Storyline

4 Dreams About the Days Ahead: Happy Birthday Storyline

Word from the Pastor blog - Ben Mandrell - Storyline FellowshipMy kids are growing up fast. Every time I turnaround, a tooth has fallen out, a pair of pants are embarrassingly short, another gallon of milk is gone. Watching my sons become young men, and my daughter a young woman is a bittersweet experience. In some ways, I wish they would remain small, yet I know that God’s will is for growth and maturity.

I feel the same way about Storyline Fellowship. When I think back to the earliest days, a big smile runs across my face. I loved those early months of meeting “underground” in a real estate basement and praying for our first big Preview service in November 2014. I cherished those times of ordering our Portable Church equipment and designing our mailer to announce our grand opening. Those were special days and I’m thankful we took lots of photos.

While it’s godly to remember the past and to give thanks, it’s not healthy to live there. As our birthday approaches this weekend, my mind wanders into the future. I dream about the years ahead and the plans that God has in store for us. As I envision the next five to ten years, here are just a few things that get my heart beating fast.

4 Dreams About the Days Ahead:

  • Baptism Services. This Sunday, 13 people took the plunge for Jesus. Nothing creates hope in my heart like a life surrendered to Christ, a person who has heard the call and followed Him. I pray that the Lord brings many more people to the waters of conversion and life change. That’s the main reason we are here—to help people find their place in God’s story.
  • Storyline’s first international mission trip. This past Christmas, we hung an extra stocking and collected $42,000 for local, national, and international missions, but this year we will begin the exploratory process of adopting an international focus. I look forward to going overseers with my wife, my kids, and my church—to serve and to see what God is doing in other parts of the world. Pastor Rick is already scheming.
  • Raising the “Future Site of Storyline” Sign. We own 11 acres of land on the corner of Indiana and 86th and this year, we will begin the process of planning our future there. We have a long way to go in raising the funds to build, but we know that God has given us a slice of land and a future on the corner of 5 Parks, Candelas, Leyden Rock and West Woods. One day, we’ll have a home base.
  • Planting our first church. Storyline’s mission is to become a multiplying center. We can’t control how large we become—that’s God’s business—but we can control the way that we leverage our resources. Our desire is to be a meta-church, not a mega-church. Meta means many, and I can’t wait for Storyline to become proud parents of a plant that will serve a new part of the city in Jesus’ name.