4 Exciting Updates from Chapter Two

4 Exciting Updates from Chapter Two

In October of 2017, we announced our plans to purchase and renovate the vacant Walmart Neighborhood Market at the corner of 64th Ave. and Indiana St. We launched an initiative called Chapter Two to help us raise the funds necessary for such a large project. Because of your gifts, we’ve been able to move forward with the dream of a more permanent home. Here are four quick updates on where we are in the process:


1. Our due diligence work discovered no reason not to move forward with purchase and remodel.

A clause in our purchase contract allowed us ample time to do the background work and research necessary to move forward, as well as to present the project to our church family. That period revealed no red flags, and the response from our church family has been overwhelmingly positive.


2. The North American Mission Board put together an attractive financing package for Storyline.

In addition to the gifts collected as a part of Chapter Two, NAMB has offered assistance to help us move into a building more quickly.


3. A parking license agreement was signed with a business to the north, providing 500 additional parking spots.

Our purchase of the Walmart space includes approximately 300 parking spaces in front of the building. This additional parking will allow our church room to grow!


4. Initial City of Arvada feedback on our construction drawings has been encouraging.

We’re grateful for the city’s input and ready to keep moving forward!


If you’ve recently come to Storyline, or haven’t made a commitment to give to Chapter Two, learn more here.