5 Excellent Reasons Not to Miss our FREE Camps

Invite Your Neighbors to the Fun!

5 Excellent Reasons Not to Miss our FREE Camps

Word from the Pastor blog - Ben Mandrell - Storyline FellowshipI know that Christmas time is King. In the mind of a child, nothing trumps those days leading up to December 25. A close second for me, however, are the weeks leading up to Kids Camp. In some parts of the country, it’s called VBS, which sounds like a bad TV channel. Whether you call it “Vacation Bible School” or “Kid’s Camp,” the name makes no difference. It’s the FUN that matters.

Here are five FUN reasons to sign your kids up now and invite your neighbors to come also!

  1. The music is fun.
    I’m serious. I love listening to the camp CD in our car. The kids learn the words and smile as they sing. Smuggling truth into the heart through a song—a proven way to grow a kid’s character.
  2. The skits are hilarious.
    At camp, you never know what crazy-costumed character will interrupt the morning rally. Kids soon take sides, booing the villain and cheering on the hero.
  3. The crafts are crafty.
    Every kid likes to build, cut, color, construct, and create. And of course, present the finished product to Mom. Come on, you know that’s true!
  4. The atmosphere is inviting and energetic.
    Kids who normally don’t attend church will feel no awkwardness at camp. It’s the perfect entry point. They will jump right in and enjoy the games and lessons.
  5. The Gospel is shared.
    As an elementary school kid, I was invited to a children’s ministry event at a church down the street. It was there that I first heard the story of a Savior, who loved me and died for me. That message changed my life. It’s still changing my life.

Have you signed your kids up for our free camps!? Have you called your neighbors to see if you can carry their kids to camp? What are you waiting for!?!



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