5 Preachers You Need to Hear

5 Preachers You Need to Hear

Living in the 21st century presents many challenges for Christians, but this media-saturated culture offers a few fringe benefits. For example, while you run, commute, or walk your dog, you can multi-task. With ear buds locked and loaded, you can absorb phenomenal messages to stretch your mind and stir your affections for God. Someone once defined preaching as “truth through personality,” and the following personalities are faithful to present Scriptures in uniquely, compelling ways.

5 expository preachers we highly recommend (in alphabetical order):


Alistair BeggAlistair Begg

Faithful pastor in Ohio, an awesome Scottish voice and brilliant insight into Scripture. Never flashy, always rock-solid. A steady diet of Alistair’s messages will grow your mind and heart.



Matt ChandlerMatt Chandler 

Lead teaching pastor of The Village Church. Matt might be the best at keeping you thinking and laughing. His wit, his wisdom, and Gospel-centered commitments are challenging.



J.D. Greear

J.D. Greear

A leading, rising voice for selfless church planting and kingdom philosophy. J.D. is winsome, thoughtful, bold, and committed to teaching the Scriptures.




Tim KellerTim Keller
Church-planting patriarch, pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in NYC. Tim combines Paul-like brilliance with a respectful sensitively toward those from counter-worldviews.




John MacarthurJohn MacArthur

A true life-long expositor in California. Listening to John is like going to the most enjoyable, free seminary class. He’s academic but obvious in application. Every strong preacher buys his New Testament commentary set, which is nothing more than his sermons bound in books.