After|Story: May 10th at Storyline Fellowship

After|Story: May 10th at Storyline Fellowship

Here’s this week’s edition of After|Story, your one-stop resource for sermon notes, additional reading and reflection. This week, we honor moms by learning about Timothy and the influence of his mother and grandmother.

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The Ministry of Motherhood from Storyline Fellowship on Vimeo.

Questions Worth Considering
Each week, we’ll provide you with a few guided questions to help apply the truths of Scripture on a personal level. Read and reflect on these after you’ve watched, read, or listened to the sermon and the accompanying Scripture passages.

While we focused on moms this weekend in observance of Mothers’ Day, many of the points Pastor Ben made can be applied in each of our lives.

  • Do you share a love of Scripture with the people around you–particularly your family?
  • How far is the distance between your “real-self” and the person you display publicly? Is your faith sincere, or are you “wearing a mask”?
  • How would you describe your attitude toward serving others? If you have children, are you setting an example for them by the people you serve?

After|Story is a weekly digest of sermon notes, recommended resources, and application questions based on that week’s message. We hope it is a valuable tool as you continue to explore and process the Scripture and the teaching each week.