After|Story: May 24th at Storyline Fellowship

After|Story: May 24th at Storyline Fellowship

Here’s this week’s edition of After|Story, your one-stop resource for sermon notes, additional reading and reflection. Take a look at the latest sermon in our series through Ephesians, “One In Christ.”

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Questions Worth Considering
Each week, we’ll provide you with a few guided questions to help apply the truths of Scripture on a personal level. Read and reflect on these after you’ve watched, read, or listened to the sermon and the accompanying Scripture passages.

  • How do you typically view yourself: as one “dead in sin” as described by Paul in this week’s reading, or as one who has been “made alive in Christ”?
  • What guilt do you continue to hold on to that has been covered by Jesus’s sacrifice?

After|Story is a weekly digest of sermon notes, recommended resources, and application questions based on that week’s message. We hope it is a valuable tool as you continue to explore and process the Scripture and the teaching each week.