Appointing our First Elders

Appointing our First Elders

As you’ve been hearing over the past several weeks, we are well into the process of bringing on two internal elders to help provide a next level of wisdom, encouragement, and accountability to Ben and our staff team at Storyline. We are confident that the Lord has led us to select two men from among our church body to fill this role. Dennis Horner and Jeff Schaffer have both been a part of Storyline Fellowship for over two years and have shown the character and leadership qualities we have looked for in candidates for this role of elder. You can read more about each candidate below.



Dennis Horner – Storyline Elder Candidate

Elder Candidate: Dennis Horner

Dennis Horner and his wife Susan have been at Storyline since our first Launch Sunday in February 2015. They heard about Storyline through the invitation of a friend, came to check it out on that first Sunday, and have been here ever since. Dennis became a believer when he was 9 years old. He and Susan have been married for 51 years, and have three grown children and five grandchildren. Dennis has vast experience in Executive Management in the Oil and Gas Industry and in Executive Sales Management in the Environmental Industry, and is currently the owner/consultant at Sunrise Environmental Management Company. Dennis and Susan are active Home Group members, and Dennis also serves in the Hospitality ministry, while Susan serves in our Storyland Kids ministry.


Jeff Schaffer - Storyline Elder Candidate

Jeff Schaffer – Storyline Elder Candidate

Elder Candidate: Jeff Schaffer

Jeff Schaffer and his wife Karen have been at Storyline since the summer of 2015. They saw a neighborhood flyer from a local realtor that mentioned Storyline and were excited to become a part of a vibrant fellowship in their neighborhood. Jeff became a believer when he was 16 years old through Young Life, the summer before his senior year of high school. He and Karen have been married for 36 years and have four grown children and three grandchildren. Jeff is the Executive Vice President for Performance for Oldcastle Materials Company, a large multinational construction materials business. Jeff has been a part of our Project Team over the past several months, and he and Karen serve in our Storyland Kids ministry occasionally. They also plan to host and facilitate a Home Group this fall.


Selecting elders is a new step for our church, and you may have some questions about it. On this page you will find some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we have heard about our selection of internal elders.

What is an elder?

An elder is a member of a board of men who provide wisdom, encouragement, and accountability to the Lead Pastor and oversee the big picture vision and direction of our church.

What are the qualifications of an elder?

The Bible talks about what kind of character qualities to look for when selecting church elders, like integrity, humility, spiritual maturity, and self-control (Titus 1:5-9, 1 Timothy 3:1-7, 1 Peter 5:1-4 and James 5:14-15). We’ve also identified some other qualities that make an effective elder, like big-picture thinking, encouraging, pursuing unity in the church, and actively serving the body.

How are elders selected?

For this first selection of two internal elders, Ben and our external elder board have carefully chosen these two men after months of discussion and prayer. Both men have been through a thorough vetting process and have had extensive conversation with Ben and our current elder board. Now, we are presenting further information to our church family. On August 20, at our Catch the Vision Members Gathering, all Storyline members will have the opportunity to vote to install these elders.

What will our elders do?

The main responsibilities of an elder are to ensure the spiritual vitality and vision continuity of our church. They will meet regularly to provide encouragement and accountability for the Lead Pastor, and oversee financial and other leadership processes that help keep our church unified and healthy.

How can I best encourage and support our elders?

Pray for them. Offer encouragement and feedback when needed. And most of all, get on board in serving and participating fully in the life of our church as we continue this journey to see what the Lord has next for Storyline!

Got questions about this process?