You CAN Life Journal!

An Example of a Life Journal Entry

You CAN Life Journal!

What is Life Journaling?

This year, Storyline has been working to engrain Life Journaling into our culture. What exactly is that? Life Journaling is a method for studying the Bible in a systematic way, focusing on one key verse/takeaway. (*From our website, you can follow the assigned daily reading plan OR you can print a worksheet and read at your own pace. Click here to learn more.)

Why This Feels Easier

One of the challenges of a regular Bible Reading Plan is that a person often becomes “numb” to the reading. The reader simply races through the assigned passages in order to arrive at the end, only to realize that nothing has been retained. Life Journaling is about quality, not quantity. It’s about interacting with the text and taking one verse with you that day.

Here is an example of a Life Journal entry of mine, from this past week. Look how easy this is. You can do this! Just follow the SOAP method.

SOAP = Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer



No Greater Joy
Sept. 19, 2016

Scripture (the one verse that stood out to me in my reading)

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. 3 John 4

Observations (What I think this verse is saying)

  • John was overjoyed to know that his loved ones were living according to God’s plan.
  • John believed in something called “truth.” It was not a matter of personal preference. It was not up for negotiation.
  • The time that John had previously invested in those young Christians was now reaping a huge reward—in their hearts and in his.



  • I have four children that will one day walk in the truth or not walk in the truth.
  • Am I investing sowing into their spiritual lives, helping them to grasp God’s ways.
  • Am I prepared for our “Bible Time” this week? What will I teach them? How can I take it up a notch?



Father, while I have these little persons under my roof, grant me wisdom in instructing them. Help me to equip them for a world filled with false ideas. May your Spirit fill in for my failures; may our children choose to walk in the truth. I wish not one would be lost. Amen.