Discover Storyline: Why We’re Moving It To Sunday Mornings

Discover Storyline: Why We’re Moving It To Sunday Mornings

Last Wednesday, I taught the mid-week version of Discover Storyline for the last time

Discover Storyline is moving to Sunday mornings!

Discover Storyline is moving to Sundays!

I have absolutely loved teaching this seminar for these two years, as I get to share the core beliefs and vision for our church. Beginning Dec. 4th, however, we will make a necessary shift. We will move Discover Storyline to Sunday mornings. Here are five fast reasons why Sunday morning will serve us better.

Why Move our Membership Seminar to Sunday?

  1. Childcare is already setup and available. Convenient!
  2. Folks can worship one hour and attend the Discover class in the other hour.
  3. Many people travel during the week and the class has been difficult to squeeze in.
  4. Membership is becoming increasingly important for Storyline, as outlined here, and we want to remove any obstacle that prevents someone from taking that next step.
  5. I will still enjoy time in the beginning of the seminar, while the worship service begins the main room, to cast vision and personally connect with newcomers, while other team members take the baton and communicate important information.


Have you become a member at Storyline? Would you like to attend the Sunday morning Discover Storyline on Dec. 4th? Sign up here!