Why Excellence Matters (especially in Home Groups)

Why Excellence Matters (especially in Home Groups)

This month, our church is talking about excellence in ministry and why it matters. At Storyline, we want to keep “the main things the main things,” and to strive toward an always-improving culture in four mission-critical areas. We realize that everything can’t be equally awesome, but we want our worship, home groups, service ministry, and neighboring focus to be polished and emphasized.

Home Group Excellence

In the book of Acts, the early church held two types of gatherings. The believers met in the temple courts in a large group setting. The people were seated, the apostles taught, the people listened and learned. This “corporate inhaling” was vital to the church’s growth. In addition, they met together in one another’s homes. They broke down into smaller groups, and this created a personal, relational culture. Without that home group piece, the church will feel more like a conference than a community.

While our Home Groups are ramping down for the summer, we hope to relaunch in the fall with several brand-new groups. Here’s what we need to pull that off with excellence:

  • A committed facilitator: a leader that will listen to the sermon on Sunday and think: “How can I lead my group to unpack this?” With the weekly home groups guide sent to the inbox, this person can print off the sample questions and come ready to the gathering without tons of prep time.
  • A committed host home: a leader or couple that can open up their living room and kitchen, that truly enjoys having people over, that understands not everybody here is a pet-person. That’s about it! Open your door, set out some snacks, cage Fido.


Would you be interested in facilitating or hosting a fall group? Do you have suggestions on how we could improve our Home Groups ministry? Either way, email us at contact@storylinefellowship.com. We’d love to hear from you.