Excellent Neighboring: Your Most Important Ministry

Excellent Neighboring: Your Most Important Ministry

We Need Excellence in Outreach

This month at Storyline, we are emphasizing our cultural value that “Excellence is Endearing.” We know that everything can’t be equally excellent, but there are four mission-critical areas where we cannot afford to fail.

Today, I want to speak to the need for excellent outreach.  Around here, we call that NEIGHBORING. 

The word is easy to explain: outreach = reaching out. Let it be stated that most churches go numb to outreach once they accomplish a critical mass for worship gatherings. As the corporate gathering feels full, people naturally turn in. The church adds layers of inreach, equipping classes, and fellowship opportunities. After all, “who are all these people, and why don’t I know each one of them?”

It happens by default. Outreach diminishes with growth. We want to war against this mentality and continue to tell you:


The most important ministry you have = the ministry to those in your proximity.


It may be your co-worker one cubicle over, or the random person in the adjacent apartment, or the biking buddy that calls every week to conquer North Table Mountain. We believe that every member should live as a missionary, and that your main job on planet Earth is to spread the Gospel to those who have not understood it.

This means: we keep talking about neighboring. We keep sharing stories of God’s work through relational evangelism. We keep praying that God would use every person to reach a person. Or 2. Or 10.

Don’t let our church become normal. Normal means a) holy huddle, b) disconnected from culture. God wants to use your story.

Do you have a story about sharing Christ with a neighbor, co-worker, or friend? Email us at contact@storylinefellowship.com and tell us about it!