Why A Father Daughter Banquet?

The Strategy Behind This Event

Why A Father Daughter Banquet?

This Friday, Dads will don their dusty formal wear. There may even be a few ties in the room! At this special Father-Daughter date night, dads will create a memorable moment and bond with their beautiful girls.

This event is purposeful—a strategic night for reintroducing formality and ceremony into our culture. In his book Raising a Modern Day Knight, author Robert Lewis devotes an entire chapter to “The Power of Ceremony.”  He writes:

Think about the significant moments in your life. With few exceptions, the value of
those moments was sealed by ceremonies. Someone took the time to plan the details, prepare the speech, and purchase the awards—so you would feel special. I believe one of the great tragedies of Western culture today is the absence of this kind of ceremony. 

I know that wearing fancy clothes feels uncomfortable for some, but the impact of your presentation is lasting. In Colorado, we pride ourselves on casual, and we celebrate the freedom to attend church in flip flops. Having said that, parents today should not discount the importance of special evenings, wearing special clothes, offering special words.

Scripture says that “Death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Proverbs 18:21), and this Friday night, fathers will enter a well-prepared space to eat a well-prepared meal, and to deliver some well-prepared words to their precious daughters.

Be in prayer this week, as we offer our first Preparing For Launch event and create a space for dads and daughters to have fun and form a lasting memory.