Four Habits of a Healthy Christian

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Four Habits of a Healthy Christian

From the start, Storyline Fellowship has aimed at simplicity. To avoid confusing activity for accomplishment, we created a culture that makes four weekly “asks” of its members. Like a healthy plate on the dinner table, here are the items we see as essential for spiritual health.

What We Hope Every “Storyliner” Will Do Each Week :

  1. Participate in a worship service
  2. Plug into a Home Group
  3. Serve in a ministry
  4. Practice the art of neighboring


You don’t need a calculator to add this up. Church functions – worship, fellowship, and serving — should take up about three hours of your week. This simple structure, without multiple church activities throughout the week, leaves more time for significant relationship-building with unchurched friends.

Why these four things?

Why attend a worship service?

Because the Scriptures say that the Word of God is living and active, penetrating the soul. As believers gather to sing truth, or to sit under the preaching of the Gospel, the heart is emboldened. The soul needs a solid hour of inhaling and exhaling truth every week—a critical exercise.

Why plug into a Home Group?

Because the early church met informally in homes. The New Testament model displays Christians that band together, draw strength from one another, and bear one another’s burdens.

Why serve in a ministry?

Because Jesus said whoever humbles himself will be exalted. We all need environments where we exercise our spiritual gifts and treat others as more important than ourselves.

Why practice the art of neighboring?

Because Jesus never intended us to form holy huddles and to disconnect from the world. Christians are called show the light of the Gospel through life-on-life ministry. We should spend time with those God places around us, and look for ways to express love tangibly.