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Sermons on tithing are the least-requested. We know.  


Money is a very important, but also very private, part of our lives. Jesus had so much to say about it, though. Believe it or not, He spoke more frequently about money than He did about prayer, or hell. For this reason, Storyline would be remiss if we held back what Scripture reveals on this sensitive subject.  


4 Reasons Why We Celebrate Giving


1. We are committed to biblical depth.  

We believe that the Word of God changes our lives, even though we don’t always welcome what it has to say. Jesus said that the most blessed people on the planet are those who “hear his word and put it into practice.” How are you applying his commands concerning cash? Giving God a portion of your money on a regular basis is essential to fighting off the greed that grows inside. 


2. Jesus connected money to the soul. 

Some of Christ’s most famous words: “Where your treasure is, there your heart shall be also.” The way we spend our money reveals where our hope lies. As we invest in kingdom causes, our center of gravity shifts from self to Savior. Give to God and you’ll love Him more.  


3. Giving 10% is taught throughout Scripture. 

You get to keep 90%. Remember that before reading any further!


Tithing is in the Bible, and pastors didn’t write them in. This was God’s idea. For example, in the Old Testament, the worshipping people were called to take the first tenth of the harvest crop, and offer it up as a burnt sacrifice. In this way, they reminded themselves that He is the Giver of all gifts. We are not owners down here on Earth, but managers of His resources.  


4. The Kingdom is fueled by financial gifts.  

As local churches combine their money and invest those dollars prayerfully, a wide array of ministries are launched that make a massive difference in peoples’ lives. When you give to your church, you give through your church. We invest in our city’s non-profit entities, we send missionaries across the world, we plant new churches that advance the Gospel to fresh communities, and none of that could happen without financial resources. It takes money to operate ministry, and every dollar counts to Christ.  


Whether you have trusted God with your money before, or this is a brand new idea, take the next step! Start somewhere. Believe that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.