What Happens When You Don’t Plug into a Home Group

What Happens When You Don’t Plug into a Home Group

Simple Storyline PlateAt Storyline, we see four portions on the ministry plate. We make four “asks” of our members:

  1. Participate in a worship service
  2. Plug into a Home Group
  3. Serve in ministry
  4. Practice the art of neighboring



What happens when a person does all of the above, except be a part of a Home Group?

No home group

Why Home Groups are Huge for Us

Home groups are critical to our mission because life is best lived in circles, not rows. Once a week, we do sit in a large room, viewing the back of someone’s head as the preacher on the platform explains the text. The big-group gathering is important, as I described in a previous post, but the small group gatherings are equally important.

In a small group, you: 

  • Discuss Sunday’s message and confess the parts that were convicting or encouraging
  • Glean wisdom as you hear how other people processed that portion of Scripture
  • Humble yourself by asking for prayer for struggles going on in your personal life
  • Get perspective on your life as you listen to the challenges others are facing and the faith they demonstrate through trial
  • Find lifelong friends who will stand by you in times of both joy and trouble


I could list many more, but you get the point. Without a home group, you probably won’t feel at home in this church. These little platoons are where the action is, where faith is lived out and practiced.

If you would like to know more about finding a group that is a fit for you, email rick@storylinefellowship.com and he will help you get connected.