What Happens When We Neglect Worship?

What Happens When We Neglect Worship?

Simple Storyline PlateIn a previous post, I described the essentials on the Storyline plate. We see four main commitments as mission critical and we strive to keep the main things the main things:

  1. Participate in a worship service
  2. Plug into a Home Group
  3. Serve in ministry
  4. Practice the art of neighboring.


For the next few weeks, I’d like to describe what happens when one of these items is removed from the menu. For example, what happens to a person who stops attending worship, but still participates in a Home Group, ministry, and neighboring?

When worship goes away

When Worship is Removed

A Christian that avoids the weekly worship gathering removes himself from sound teaching. While personal devotions are vitally important, the practice of sitting under expository messages expands biblical knowledge as well as the heart. As the preacher walks through books of the Bible, the listener interacts with the warnings, admonitions, wisdom, and encouragement found in God’s Word. The Holy Spirit works through the preaching of the Scriptures and a healthy Christian understands the importance of hearing the Word on a weekly basis.

But what if I like to serve in both hours?

One of the reasonable excuses for skipping the worship gathering is the call to service. Many people have a greater passion to serve and than “to soak.” They would rather rock babies both hours and allow others to enjoy that worship time. While this idea sounds unselfish and kind, an ongoing absence from corporate worship will wither the soul. As human beings, we were wired for worship, and a healthy church must expand its leadership base adequately, so that all of its members can attend a service and experience the renewal of the Holy Spirit. Without worship, ministry burnout is a matter of time.