Home Groups: 4 Questions Answered

Home Groups: 4 Questions Answered

This week, we officially launched sign-ups for our fall Home Groups. Our new groups will begin meeting the week of September 10. Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions about our Home Group ministry.

Why should I make time for a Home Group?

In our culture, it seems that the schedule is king. Look at any person’s planner or Google calendar, and you’ll get a picture of what they value most. We find that setting aside intentional time in your week to be with other believers can lead to exponential growth and encouragement. If you don’t, you’re missing out on what can be some of the deepest, most meaningful relationships you may ever have.


Who can be a Home Group leader or host?

You don’t have to a be a Bible scholar to be a Home Group leader. The greatest strength of a Home Group leader is an ability to ask good questions and guide conversation around each week’s topic. The best hosts make their home a safe place where group members feel comfortable opening up about each week’s topic. If you’re new to Storyline, we ask that you attend a group for at least a semester before committing to lead (though some exceptions may be made). We also ask that you commit to membership at Storyline.


What does a typical Home Group meeting look like?

While each group is different, each meeting boils down to essentially three main parts: fellowship, discussion and prayer. We hope each group will start with some time to break-the-ice, then spend adequate time batting around a few sermon-based questions. Each group should wrap up by allowing plenty of time for members to share prayer concerns and to lift one another up in prayer.


Why are Home Groups sermon-based? I want to discuss a book by my favorite author.

We find there is incredible value in uniting our groups around a common theme. On any given week, you can walk into three different groups and know that the topic will be essentially the same. This also means that the only requirement for a Home Group member to prepare each week is to listen to the sermon, either in-person or online. No chapters to squeeze in or notes to cram before getting together. This simplifies things for both leaders and members. We love the idea of focused Bible- and book-studies so we offer coed and gender-specific options during the summer when our Home Groups take a break.


To learn more about Home Groups or to sign up, visit: StorylineFellowship.com/groups