Why Home Groups Matter

Why You Should Prepare to Enlist!

Why Home Groups Matter

Human beings are hard-wired for relationships. Yes, some of us have a larger appetite for social connections than others. Extroverts glory in the presence of many; introverts search for the escape hatch. Whichever category you find yourself in—your spiritual growth is dependent on rubbing shoulders with others.

In community, we grow in compassion as we hear the tragedies others face. We gain perspective as the guy next to us faces a giant larger than the one we want to run from. We grow in faith as we pray for tangible things to appear in the lives of our friends, and cheer when they come to fruition.

Being a part of a group is essential to your walk with God. This happens when chairs are arranged in circles; not in rows. While Sunday morning gatherings allow us to praise and hear the preaching of the Word, our weekly home group gatherings give us a place to work out our faith and process out loud with others.

Where We Are and Where Groups Are Going

  • Last week, we rallied our Home Group leaders and readied them for take-off. We are looking to launch our groups the week of September 11. Signups began on August 21st.
  • On our Home Groups page you can find all the info you need to understand the when, where, who of Home Groups. If you haven’t found a group yet, we are committed to helping you find one!


Be praying about where God is leading you to get involved in a group. We really believe in this.