Making the Most of the In-Between


Have you ever been to a really good play? The performers may be wonderful, but everybody smiles when the lights pop on for the intermission! It’s time to chat, grab a snack, and stretch your legs. It’s a welcomed rest.

This Sunday, April 3rd, we are going to tap into that wisdom. With the goal of helping folks form new friendships, we are going to maximize the time between our services.

The Plan

Mingling between services at churchWe will still have our normal 9 and 10:30 times, but we are tightening up the worship services to extend the time for food and fellowship. 10:30 folks, you’re encouraged to come as early as 10 AM, to eat, meet, and greet. You can keep your kids with you or you can check them in early.

Why are we doing this?

While church planting is a fun new start it can also be frustrating to start over. People aren’t looking for a friendly church; they are looking for friends. And we want to cultivate a culture where relationships can grow.

Who knows? If this little experiment works, we may do this from time to time—affording people the space to linger with others and get to know more people.

Authentic Community is a core value at Storyline—and this intermission is our newest idea to build on it.