For the Kingdom, Not the Castle: Playing Offense

For the Kingdom, Not the Castle: Playing Offense

A castle is an intimidating, impenetrable fortress, strategically surrounded by a moat. Its primary purpose is as a defensive structure, prepared for an attack by the enemy. The castle image is not the picture Jesus painted of the local church, at all. He promised to build his church in such a way that “the gates of hell would not prevail against it” (Mt. 16:18). Most people miss the significance of that statement.

The church was designed to play offense, not defense.

Proclaiming the Kingdom

Storyline aims to penetrate the culture and to push back darkness by shining the light of God’s love in both what we say and in what we do. Weekly, we proclaim the message of Jesus. On Sundays, should an unbelieving person bravely venture into our gathering, we would hope that this person would clearly understand the Gospel message and consider the call to enter into Christ’s kingdom. Weekly rehearsing the central message of Jesus—that he came to save sinners—is mission critical.

Servants of the Kingdom

In addition to establishing a “Gospel outpost,” our church also strives to win the favor of outsiders through acts of service. As city leaders call out for help in solving problems, responding to crisis, and meeting needs, the body of Christ should move. Storyline aims to be at the forefront in supplying servants and resources. Over time, those in authority will begin to see the “offensive weapon” that is the church of Jesus Christ.

We were made to make a difference.