Launching Storyline: What the staff is excited about

Looking Forward to the Launch

Launching Storyline: What the staff is excited about

We asked a couple of our staff members what they were most looking forward to about the official launch of Storyline Fellowship on Sunday, February 8th. Here are their responses!

Pastor Ben and Lynley Mandrell - Storyline Fellowship - Arvada, CO“For us, it’s starting the church from scratch, creating DNA that is both culturally relevant and Christ-centered. We have loved the intimate feel of these early meetings. Coming from a larger church, we’ve relished six months of getting to know people in a more intimate way and having them into our home.

We believe that it takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people. Not everyone should do ministry just like us, but our particular vision is to avoid being programs-driven, but content-driven, helping people to grow spiritually by living according to the Scriptures. We are excited to see the ministries that burst forth from the gifts and passions of our people. We are confident that God will bless the city as our people get their hands dirty for Jesus.” —Ben and Lynley Mandrell

Josh and Emily Blackwell - Adelle, Marilee, and Jude“Community. The coming together of friends who are just trying to wrestle out this faith thing together. I am excited to meet and know new people who have lived a completely different life than I but are eager to grab my hand and walk with me as we push forward in the pursuit of Christ. I love that we just say it out loud – we don’t all believe the exact same thing about every piece of this world – but we do all believe that Jesus is the only way – that his birth, life, and death were/are miraculous and life changing. I cannot wait for that day when honest prayers are voiced across tables – prayers about breaking marriages and sick babies and no babies and no hope, prayers about new jobs and new friends and new faith in Christ and every piece of lovely we have been given. My heart yearns for this coming together and sharing of each other’s joys and burdens – of truly morphing into an honest, loving, full of sinners and full of grace family – a family that only God could have formed. That’s why I’m pumped about Storyline!” —Emily Blackwell

Rob and Katy Simpson“One of my favorite things about Storyline is the almost-instant friendships that have grown for Katy and me here. At Storyline, our family has found a sort of second family with whom we can share our deepest hurts and our greatest joys. One of the really unique things about Storyline is the firm commitment to really teaching the Bible—not just rote memorization or shallow lessons that gloss over big issues—but a real devotion to understanding what Scripture says and how that should impact our lives as Christians.

I am really excited to see all of the new faces filing into the church—some who have always gone to church, and some who are just exploring church for the very first time. I love that Storyline is a safe place for people to come and have their deep questions about life, religion, and spirituality answered.” —Rob Simpson

“Never before in my life have I felt a part of such a genuinely humble group of people. I never feel ashamed to discuss my fears or hurts. It is a “safe space.” There are real people who really care for each other like family. It is a beautiful thing.

Storyline offers a place for anyone and everyone to feel welcome. No matter your background, there is a place for you. A lot of people promise this, but Storyline is the real deal. We mean it! Everyone wants to feel like they have a place to belong. Somewhere to bring their differences and be loved no matter what. That is something that we actively desire to do.

All of the time and energy we have spent praying and waiting has been so worth it to have the launch get here. Having a weekly service and corporate Bible study is HUGE to grow in knowledge and faith with our Lord. But also, as people we NEED regular time to see each other. To ask “How was your week?” and really mean it! I am most excited about the regularly scheduled dialogue that weekly services provide. It will give the opportunity for people whether they are searching or not to come, ask questions, and see what we do.” —Katy Simpson

Check back next week as we share a little bit more leading up to the launch of Storyline Fellowship on Sunday, February 8th!