Lessons from Across the Pond

What one Storyline Family Learned from Their Travel Abroad
Golen Family Travels

Lessons from Across the Pond

Over the summer, a family from our church (the Golens) spent some time in London, England, on a temporary work assignment. While they were there, we asked Tim and Courtney to help scout the area for future missions opportunities. Here are a few insights Tim shared with us from their time abroad:


This summer, my family and I had a wonderful opportunity to spend a month in London. Surprisingly, we found that “living on mission” really wasn’t any different than what we were doing back home, there was just a lot more indigestion involved. The habits that we had formed for being hospitable, servant minded and engaging served us well.

One of the things that surprised me about London was that churches have a very big stigma associated with them. In Denver people are much more willing to walk into a church building and try it out than people are in London. They are very cautious, and this means you have to meet people on their terms. This usually means doing a lot of street evangelism.

The neatest thing that we realized from our time there is that there are people, just like us, struggling with the same things, everywhere you go. People want to be accepted, they want to feel important, and they don’t want to be someone’s Gospel project. There are also churches that are much like ours, that need to built up and encouraged, just like we do.

We also learned that just because something is very successful at our church (like our home groups), that doesn’t mean it will be effective everywhere. In London, most people don’t have homes that can facilitate a large gathering. You’re limited to maybe 5-6 people in a group, and when you factor in attendance levels, it’s very hard to form small community groups.

I would encourage and challenge you to pray about being involved in global missions in some way. I don’t know what that will look like for you, or when it will happen, but if you are brave enough to ask God to “show me what I could do for You somewhere else in the world”, and if you’re still enough to listen to His answer, He will be faithful to show you things you couldn’t imagine.