Life Journaling FAQs

Life Journaling FAQs

Word from the Pastor blog - Ben Mandrell - Storyline FellowshipIn 2016, Storyline Fellowship will read from the Scriptures together. Through a plan called Life Journaling, we will form the holy habit of devotional reading and reflection. Many people are joining in on this journey, and asking excellent questions.[1]
Where Do I Find Storyline’s Bible Reading Plan?

  1. You can visit this page each morning and find the reading.
  2. “Holy Bible” App by YouVersion. Follow these easy steps to download and use this Bible app that offers the Life Journal Bible Reading plan.
    • Go to the app store on your device.
    • Search the “Holy Bible” app (It’s free).
    • Download the app.
    • Click “Plans” on the bottom of the app.
    • At the top of the new page, click “Discover”
    • Click “Whole Bible” reading plan.
    • Scroll down to the Life Journal Reading Plan
    • Enjoy!
  3. Print off the plan on our Life Journaling page!


What if the daily reading plan is too much Scripture for my taste?

Some people might feel, in following the Life Journal reading program, that there are just too many chapters to cover. Here are two ways to resolve that perceived problem:


  1. Read just half of what is presented. Begin with the New Testament reading only. This will still challenge you to read far more Scripture than you were before!


  1. Read until the Holy Spirit reveals a gem of wisdom. As you read, you may come upon a verse that stands out. Stop there. Journal on that verse. It may contain an amount of wisdom you will need for something you will be facing soon.


What If I Miss A Day … or Three?

There will be times that you will miss a day (or a few days) of reading. You are fearful of beginning again because you will have to “catch up!”

Don’t try to catch up. Start on today’s reading. Whatever day it is, start there. Don’t try to rewind the tape and catch up all the days you missed. That will discourage anybody! Start with today. Don’t worry. You’ll come around to it next year. Get back on the bus and discover what God has for you today!


What If I Don’t Understand What I’m Reading?

Some people say, “What if I don’t understand 90% of what I am reading?” Then don’t journal on the 90% you don’t understand. Journal on the 10% you do! Begin there. If you toss the Bible out with the bathwater, your understanding will actually decrease. But if you will be faithful to journal on what you do understand, God will reveal more to you next time around.

Be faithful with what God shows you. This year, you may understand 10%, and if you are faithful to journal and apply that, next year, you will understand 30%. Then the next year, 50%, and then 90% the following year! Stay faithful and don’t let our lack of understanding decide how we will live our life. Choose the best for your life. It will last you the long haul!


Can I Life Journal with Evernote or a digital note taking application?

Of course! Do what works for you. Some people enjoy pen and paper, others enjoy typing and maintaining the “search” option of digital applications. Low-tech, high-tech…totally your call.


In what other ways, will Life Journaling impact our church?

From this point on, every kind of team meeting that takes place behind the scenes will begin with a Life Journaling moment. Staff meeting, volunteer meetings, Home Group meetings. On nearly every Sunday in 2016, someone will share a truth they gleaned that week in Life Journaling. We are totally committed to this self-feeding practice!


Will our students and children learn to Life Journal?

Yes, the 7th – 12th graders will be trained in Life Journaling this year, as well as our Bridge ministry students (5th – 6th grade)


What if I have questions and need some help on this?

Email Pastor Rick at and you will get an answer soon! Don’t be afraid to ask.


[1] *(Some of this material is taken directly from the Life Journaling website: