Authentic Community

We Venture Together - Storyline Fellowship - Arvada, CO

Authentic Community


We are serious about living God’s message of grace within the context of relationships.

Someone once said, “People are not looking for a friendly church; they are looking for friends.” We believe this is true. Human beings are hard-wired for deep relationships. Building meaningful connections with others is a critical strand of the Storyline DNA. In any adventure, courage, excitement, and wonder are only multiplied by the presence of those journeying alongside us.

In studying the New Testament picture of Jesus, we can’t help but capture his firm commitment to loving people well. He cared about the leprous person standing ragged before him. He spent countless hours rehashing sermons with his slowly developing 12. He felt genuine compassion for the oppressed and made it a point to meet their deepest needs. Jesus was a people-person, and it was His heart for human beings that produced his magnetic pull.

As we observe the things that God is doing, we can’t help but notice that He seems to be working in a new way, calling the church to show more heart and to adopt a more agricultural mindset. The wise farmer tills up the soil, sows the seed, irrigates the field, and waits good-naturedly for growth. He knows that it is his job to care for his land and enjoy the process. This is how the Storyline community aims to live.

We are committed to loving people well—even those that show no signs of attending our church. We take our cues from Christ, pouring out compassion and kindness in generous portions, not because we seek to change those we are connecting with but because we seek to love them.

The Bible teaches that our time on Earth is appointed—we are here for a season and assigned a location (Acts 17:26-27). The best use of this time, the greatest blessing to this location, is to share God’s love with those positioned all around us. We serve, we pray, we work, and we wait. We aim to adventure together – with anyone who wants to come along.