Meet Dr. JT English

Lead Pastor

and his family Macy, Thomas (4), and Bailey (2)

Meet Dr. JT English

Lead Pastor

and his family Macy, Thomas (4), and Bailey (2)

A message from JT

About JT

My name is JT English and my family and I are honored that I am the candidate that the elders and search team have selected to be the next Lead Pastor of Storyline Fellowship. Here is a brief snapshot of my story and why I would like to be your next Lead Pastor. I grew up in a loving home in Littleton, Colorado. Despite growing up in wonderful home, I did not know the Lord or the gospel.


After graduation from Chatfield Senior High I attended Colorado State University. I was randomly placed with a roommate in a freshman dorm who kept inviting me to a Cru Bible study. After declining multiple times, I eventually went with him. We were told to open to Jonah and I could not find it, because I had never read my Bible before. Eventually the leader helped me find the book of Jonah. As they discussed the unfolding the story in Jonah it was the first time I heard about God’s grace. I learned that God acted mercifully and graciously to Jonah in spite of his disobedience. I was shocked by a message that was based upon God’s grace toward sinners. I had never heard of that before, and I will never forget that feeling.


The Bible study leader, noticing my interest, invited me to go to lunch with him the following day. When we sat down he began to share the gospel with me by using the four spiritual laws. He shared with me that although God created all things good, all who are in Adam have rebelled and fallen short of God’s glory. I became increasingly convinced of my sinfulness and I began to feel desperate because as I sat at the table my entire foundation of moralism was collapsing in front of me. He assured me of God’s love for me that has been demonstrated in Christ’s death on my behalf. He encouraged me to pray that God would forgive me of my sins and make me new in Christ. I prayed that Jesus would save me while sitting with him in our student center. More than any other moment in my life, I could sense that I was becoming a new person. Not only was I becoming a new person, but God was bringing a dead man to life.


Over the next several years I developed a love for evangelism and went on several trips with Cru. I met Macy (my wife) through Cru and she is one of the first Christians I had ever met. She showed me who Jesus is more than anyone else. Toward the end of college I began exploring a call to ministry and had this confirmed by others around me and that led me first to DTS and then to SBTS. I earned a ThM at Dallas Theological seminary and a PhD in Systematic Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.


Through my time in seminary the Lord never let me take my eye off of discipleship in the context of the local church. After I left SBTS I became a pastor at The Village Church in Flower Mound, TX. At The Village I serve on our Executive team, I oversee our discipleship ministries, and also have the privilege of serving on the preaching team. My greatest passion is discipleship in the local church. There is nothing that gets me more excited than teaching Scripture, discipling people, and calling people to live in the story of Scripture. In light of that, Macy and I have felt an increased sense from the Lord to consider being a Lead Pastor.


I have known about Storyline Fellowship since day one when I saw that the North American Mission Board was planning on planting a church in a place that I love so much. About once a year I would get on the website and was so encouraged by all that the Lord was doing through you in Arvada, up and down the Front Range, and to the nations. Now I have the honor of you considering to call me to be your next Lead Pastor and I could not be more excited.


My wife, Macy, has taught me more about the Lord than anyone else. She is intelligent, gracious, and the most joy-filled person that I know. She runs her own marketing consulting company as we both raise our two kids. Our son Thomas (4) and our daughter Bailey (2) are our greatest joy. We love spending time together as a family, we are very active, and we could not be more excited about the prospect of me being your next Lead Pastor.




JT English, PhD

Notes from the Elders, Search Team, and Staff

Jeff Schaffer, Elder

There is so much we could say. Above all, God has been so faithful in the process from the first day and we feel that God has led JT to us at just the right time. We prayed boldly for so many things – God has answered us with a man who is passionate about: the Word of God; making disciples; his life with God; his wife, children and extended family; the body of Christ; church staff; and the spiritual needs of Colorado. We could not be more excited about presenting JT to our congregation to be our next Lead Pastor!


Tim Golen, Elder

When I spoke with JT for the first time, it was clear that there was a fire inside him that burned for Denver, Colorado, the Front Range and the Nation. This is the man that I believe God has chosen to lead Storyline into our next chapter as we mature and become a strong beacon of hope to our country.


Dennis Horner, Elder

JT shared his vision for building on the Storyline foundation in several ways. He has a vision for:

– discipling all age groups, from preschool to those that are striving to finish well.

– discipleship that spiritually prepares our youth for the post-Christian adult world and places of higher education.

– planting churches up and down the front range and training up pastors to lead those churches

– for being a gateway to church planting in the West

Another thing that impressed me about JT and Macy, is their love and appreciation for their parents and step-parents. And, how Seniors are important and necessary to the church body.


Dan Toppen, Search Team

Over each prayerful step of our search, we have witnessed how God has been in control, opened doors, and orchestrated His plan preparing Storyline and JT for this moment in time together. In answering my first question “Why Storyline?”, JT passionately expressed his love for the local church, and his feeling that God was preparing him and calling him home to Colorado to serve and minister “my tribe”. Having then experienced first-hand JT’s many gifts and leadership abilities, it was easy to understand why his peers and fellowship love and respect him. I came away truly excited and feeling blessed seeing what God has in store as we all write the next chapter at Storyline. JT and Macy – welcome home!


Linda Galambos, Search Team

Watching God work through the pastor search process has been humbling. It is so evident that the Lord loves and cares for Storyline deeply. It’s exciting to see how He has planned and prepared JT and Macy to lead us into our next chapter. It was clear from the beginning of the process that their heart, experiences, and vision have been aligning with Storyline since our inception. Only God could craft such a beautiful story for all of us, and it’s exciting to think about what else He has in store for us! #wearestoryline


Nathan Lorick, Search Team

God has been kind and gracious to Storyline in this season. The search team has known all along that God has chosen a man to lead us into the next phase in the life of our church. Our desire was to seek the face of the Lord together until he made it clear who this man was. After months of praying and working through our process, we are unanimous in the belief that JT English is that man for Storyline. JT is a man of integrity who clearly walks closely with Jesus. His love for our Lord, his family, and the church is undeniable. I believe God has led us to one of the greatest young leaders in our nation to be our next pastor. I wholeheartedly recommend JT to Storyline as our Lead Pastor.


Steve Meyerhoff, Search Team

As a search team we were praying for someone to be called by God to Storyline to lead us closer to God, disciple us in a Post-Christian culture, and to reach those who don’t know Christ in our communities, cities, and nations. From our questionnaires, phone interviews, and one-on-one visits it became clearly evident to all of us that God had been crafting who JT is and his desires to perfectly align with Storyline’s heart and soul.

I couldn’t be more excited that JT was brought to us by God and is our Lead Pastor candidate!

Bonus for Storyline: Everyone needs Jason Bourne in their corner!


Laura Beth Goodwin, Search Team

Throughout the search process, the pastor search team has continually prayed for unity and for God to clearly show us who the next senior pastor for Storyline would be. After all of the candidates had been through the interview process, each search team member independently ranked the candidates. We all agreed that God had separated JT above all of the other excellent candidates by a significant margin. We were in unanimous agreement that JT was the man to be our next senior pastor! Praise the Lord!


Rick Lewis, Missions and Pastoral Care

We are so excited to introduce you to him and his family! This is such a God story and I can’t wait for you to meet them and hear their story. Not only is it a God story, I believe its a new Storyline story!


Lindsay Acocella, Strategy and Coordination

Every detail of this story – what God has been doing at Storyline to prepare us for a new season, and what God has been doing in JT and Macy in calling them to our church – points to the greatness, wisdom, and kindness of our God. Only God could have written this beautiful story.


Jamie Patrick, Childrens Ministry

One of the reasons I am so excited about the possibility of JT being our next pastor is his desire to come alongside parents and help equip them to disciple and lead their families well.


Lange Patrick, Church Planting and Hospitality

I couldn’t be more excited about God leading the English family to Storyline.  JT and Macy have a walk with Jesus that is evident in their humility and devotion to the inexhaustible Word of God.


Rosalie Davis, Church Accounting

I appreciated JT’s relateable Colorado upbringing and how he has been equipped to be a Lead Pastor after becoming a believer as a college student and years of studying the Bible.


Adam Wiggins, Groups

I am beyond excited for how God is bringing JT and Macy to Storyline! The strengths of JT complement the current needs of Storyline so well that only God can be responsible. I cannot wait to see how God works in Storyline and through Storyline during the days and years to come.

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