Men as Leaders

Men as Leaders


We are serious about pursuing and developing men – equipping them to lead their wives and children spiritually. 

Most men cast themselves wholeheartedly into career or sport. Men are not half-hearted creatures. Whether building up a business or cheering on a favorite football team, the average guy brings intensity to the table. This reflects his natural propensity – to exert energy and to be out front. The man was created to lead.

Sadly, in the American church today, most men are not storming the front lines of leadership. Even in the home, where his influence is needed most, the average man “goes with the flow,” and keeps quiet lest he cause conflict. Inside, he feels more confident when leading a staff meeting that when leading a family devotion. Truly, at some point in his past – and he’s not sure when – he waved the white flag and surrendered to his wife. He chose passivity. 

At Storyline, we are eager to flip the switch in the hearts of our men, from passive to proactive, from weak to strong. We want to come alongside those who truly desire to grow in their leadership in the home, in the church, and in society. Through intentional, equipping experiences, we aim to create a culture of leadership development – an environment where men feel inspired to grow in their role as family guide. We believe that with time and practice, every man can gain the confidence to pray aloud for his family, to chart a course for their growing relationship with Jesus, and to lead life-shaping faith talks around the table.

Celebrated author John Maxwell once said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” The home and the church are no exception. To grow the family, to grow the church, we must grow the man.