More Than a Song

Worship Through the Eyes of Isaiah

More Than a Song

This week, I launched a new sermon series. I have felt a weightiness about this one and sense it is the most important series I’ve ever preached at Storyline. According to Scripture, when God scans His earth, He searches for worshippers. John Piper once said, “Missions exists because worship doesn’t.” And it’s true. The reason we shoot missionaries overseas is that we might see a fiery arrow of worship hit the ground, in some remote area where darkness prevailed. It is God’s desire to cover the earth with his glory and to gather worshippers from every tribe and nation and tongue.

But what is worship on a practical level? What does it mean to the man who punches the clock each day and comes home spent? What does it mean for the frazzled, working mother, who balances multiple schedules and tries to keep that dinner plan going? What does worship mean on a day-to-day level?

Throughout this series, through the words of the most eloquent Old Testament prophet, we’ll be reminded of what God really wants from us. We’ll discover that worship is what we were made for.

If you missed it on Sunday, watch or listen to the first message in the series below. It sets to tone and the table for what’s ahead!

More Than a Song: When Worship is Meaningless | August 7, 2016