Multiplication is Better Than Addition

Multiplication is Better Than Addition

What has taken place with Storyline is nothing short of miraculous. Two years ago, this church was just an idea. A few of us gathered in hopes of planting a seed that would impact many lives. And praise God, the experiment seems to be working.

At our first members meeting, we announced our plans to begin architectural work for our first facility. We believe God is calling us to build, and yet, I want to crystal clear with you concerning my heart in this.

To have a house is blessing, but to have a family is a dream. The vision God gave us, from the start, was not the construction of a building, but the birth of a family of churches. Multiplication is better than addition. What this means is: growing other churches is, in the end, more impactful than to simply growing our own church.

The goal of the Christmas offering each year is to create a pool of money invested beyond ourselves. A significant chunk of the offering is used to start new churches along the Front Range of Colorado. The statistics are staggering here—far-from-God people are best reached by brand new churches. In fact, as a church gets older and larger, it’s ability to reach the unchurched becomes increasingly difficult.

The church I pastored before this one was 5000 members, and so speaking from experience as well as statistics. Storyline has grown because it has, in this moment, and pray it lasts, a passion for sharing Christ with those who have not received the Gospel.

Starting new churches is the most effective way to spread the Gospel, and to further the kingdom. The Mandrells hope to spend our lives in this church, but we pray also that we would have a hand in starting many churches.

The video you are about to see was produced by our sponsoring organization, the Send Network. This church called Pillar has produced a family tree, and before I leave this earth, I pray that we would have a video like this one day. Check this out!

Pillar Church Family Tree from Pillar Church on Vimeo.

Last year, we invested $24,000 in church planting. This year, we hope to invest far more! You don’t give to a church; you give through a church! We pray that your family will take part in giving away one day’s wages for the spreading of the kingdom.