We Need Excellence on Sundays

We Need Excellence on Sundays

Denver, Colorado, ranks among the top 15 cities in America for post-Christian thinking. To put it plainly, people in the Mile High City aren’t running to the Bible when life gets tough. They’re running to the mountains for recreational release or to self-help blogs and books.

How can we reconnect with the unchurched culture? How does the Christian church regain any sort of platform, or voice? The obvious answer is by seeking the Lord through prayer, fasting, and faithful disciple-making, but practical issues arise as well. For example, it is my observation that many Christian churches offer shoddy ministry. They expect people to return to mediocrity. They score a C- in preparing weekend services and wonder why nobody invites their neighbors to join in.

At Storyline, we ask our core people to be committed to four main things: worship, home groups, serving, and neighboring. Raising the bar and creating an always-improving culture in these four key areas is paramount.

Why Excellence Matters (Especially on Sundays)

The weekend worship experience serves as “the foyer” for our community. It’s the front door and the first thing that most people see. As a newcomer drives onto the parking lot, we want that walk from the automobile to the auditorium to be as smooth as possible. The average newcomer hopes to be welcomed with a sincere smile and directed to a seat. At that point: things can go south if one of the following happens:

  1. The children’s check-in feels like waiting at the DMV.
  2. There are no ushers to help find seats for all seven members of the family.
  3. The musicians seem to be “sight-reading” today.
  4. The pastor reads the sermon in a monotone voice and rarely looks up.
  5. The service goes super-long and people seem anxious for it to finally end.

At Storyline, we believe that we often get one chance to make a first impression, and we strive to make the weekend experience as wonderful as possible. Do you have a helpful idea for improving the experience? Email us at contact@storylinefellowship.com, and we will read over your ideas. We would love to know how we can improve!