We Need Excellent Pipelines for Serving

We Need Excellent Pipelines for Serving

2017 is a year for engraining culture in our church. We want to wear our values on our sleeve, and communicate clearly who we want to be as we grow up. This month, we are discussing our passion for excellence, especially in four key areas: Sunday gatherings, home groups, serving, and neighboring.

Today, let me speak to our need for excellent servers.

Jesus made it clear that godly people do not “lord it over others” but look for ways to serve. To serve means to give yourself away, to honor others above you. The best way to add value to others’ lives is by exercising your God-given gifts, and we all have one or two.

Introducing our Interim Director of Servant Leadership, Lindsay Acocella

Lindsay Acocella - Assistant to the Lead Pastor - serving coordinator

Lindsay Acocella, Interim Director for Servant Leadership

Lindsay has graciously agreed to help our people find their place in ministry. Here are three clear avenues for helping people find a meaningful service position:

  • Scan the Top Service Needs on the web or on the worship guide each month. Respond as instructed.
  • Reach out to Lindsay and share your gifts and “put your name in the hat” for certain roles you’d love to fill. We may not have a current need for that role, but we would sure like to know where people feel most passionate and called.
  • Be willing to serve where you are needed, at first. While we ultimately want you living out of your calling, we hope you will demonstrate a servant’s heart by simply agreeing to serve in areas of great need for a season.


We believe that healthy churches help people discover and employ their spiritual gifts and passions. We would love to know yours and help you find your seat on the bus! Email us at serve@storylinefellowship.com and let us know your thoughts on how you’d like to serve or how we could improve our process.