You Never Know the Difference

The Colossal Impact Kids' & Student Ministry Leaders Can Make

You Never Know the Difference

Tampico BaptistThe little church pictured on this page is where my faith in Jesus was first nurtured. In my formative years, I was part of this little community called Tampico Baptist Church. As you can tell by the photo, the church was never cutting edge. The programming was skeletal. My two brothers and I were the entire youth group. Three preachers came and went, and you haven’t heard of any of them.

Even still, the simplicity of the Gospel was planted in my heart and shaped me as a child.

Week after week, we sang “Amazing Grace.” We read from the Bible. We often stayed after church for potluck, which didn’t feel “lucky” at all to me and my brothers. I usually sat slumped over in Sunday school as an older dude named Lauren tried his best to make me laugh, to get me to Friday night’s lock-in, and to share his Jesus story with me.

Looking back, it’s easy to see how my worldview was being fashioned and my dreams were being formed. I may have looked bored most Sundays, but inwardly my heart for God was growing. I certainly never saw the words “pastor,” “preacher,” or “church planter” applying to me. Those aspirations came much later, in my 20s.  But the seed for Christian service was planted when I was a messy-haired, chocolate-milk-drinking, Midwestern boy.

Be Encouraged Children and Student Leaders

I share all this to embolden you who serve valiantly in our kids and student ministries. The seeds you are planting now will likely harvest after you’re gone. Through your consistent, faithful service, little worlds are being shaped for the glory of God.

You may never know the difference you are making when you choose to invest in kids. Press on!