Why We’re Obsessed with Growing Great Kids and Students

Why We’re Obsessed with Growing Great Kids and Students

In his book A New Kind of Leader, Youth Ministry expert Reggie Joiner writes:

The age of the average church member increases by seven years every decade and in the next ten years, the average age of members in many mainline denominations will be over sixty. Basically, churches are “greying” because members are getting older, and younger families are just not attending. The only way to reverse the trend is to reach more kids. 

At Storyline, we believe that God is no respecter of age. He doesn’t love kids more than senior adults, and yet, the local church must direct disproportionate energy to reaching the younger generation. Why? Because the future of the church will lie in their hands.

This month, as we emphasize home as a launching pad, I want to invite you to pray intentionally for our church and our strategy for reaching young people.

5 Ways to Pray For Our Children’s and Student Ministries

  1. Pray that we would hear God’s voice and hire the right person as our first full-time student pastor.
  2. Pray for Lynley and the Children’s Ministry leadership team, as they constantly evaluate our program in order to improve.
  3. Pray for our kids to receive the Gospel, and for many to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus.
  4. Pray for our parents, that discipleship in the home would be intentional and consistent.
  5. Pray for future missionaries, pastors, and influential Christians to come forth from our church in the next 20 years.


The future of the church depends on raising up a passionate generation for Christ. Lord, help us!