Opening the Door for Kids and their Grown-Ups

Opening the door to kids and their grown-ups

Opening the Door for Kids and their Grown-Ups

“The age of the average church member increases by seven years every decade and in the next ten years, the average age of members in many mainline denominations will be over sixty… That’s one reason you might consider opening the door a little wider for kids in your community—just to make sure that the doors of your church are never permanently closed.”

– Reggie Joiner, A New Kind of Leader

This past Sunday, we enjoyed “Family Worship Sunday”—a day for elementary kids to join their parents in the main worship service. We do Family Worship a few times each semester. Not only is it a fun day for everyone, it also serves a pretty important purpose. It opens the door to our church for the people who will continue to grow it in the next generation.

We see three great benefits to regularly hosting Family Worship Sunday:


1. It teaches kids the value of worshiping together.

When kids see their parents singing, giving and listening in a church service, it shows them that church is more than just a spectator sport. Worship is a group project where everyone participates!

2. It adds some freshness to our routine.

Kids are full of energy, and they bring that energy with them into the service. It’s good for adults to see kids participating in worship, too!

3. It gives our Storyland Kids volunteers a little break.

On Family Worship Sunday, we’re able to schedule about half the number of volunteers we normally need for kids classrooms. Our volunteer coordinator breathes a sigh of relief on these Sundays knowing her task is a little simpler.