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Dear Storyline,

The Lord is leading us further, faster! The Lord is providing for our church in ways we never dreamed. Since we launched in February 2015, God has poured gasoline on this little fire and the Gospel is going forth in our land. The newsletter you now read is our attempt a) to give praise for our growth, b) to shed light on ministry taking place today, and c) to cast vision toward where we see God taking us next. Please take some time to read over these exciting details. We believe that God is up to something special in our midst, and I’m praying that more and more people will begin to grab ahold of the vision and to invest themselves intentionally. The journey has been sweet so far, but the best is yet to come! Rejoicing with you,

Ben Mandrell, Lead Pastor

Ben Mandrell, Lead Pastor

Mandrell Family

Ben & Lynley, Miles, Ava, Jack & Max Mandrell

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67 baptisms at Storyline Fellowship

For the City

Our Storyland Kids’ ministry chose Lawrence Elementary as an ongoing service project in the community. To date, we’ve donated over 1500 school supplies (markers, paper, glue sticks and more), 300 holiday food bags for students to take home over the winter and $1000 toward building a new playground.


In addition to supporting Lawrence Elementary, our church as a whole has provided 750 cookie bags and 525 movie gift packs to use as a tool to invite neighbors and friends to a Sunday service. We have also delivered cookies, treat baskets and meals to local firefighters, police officers and teachers.

Moving Toward Multiplication

From the start, Storyline’s vision has been larger than the launching of a single church. To alter the spiritual landscape of Denver, hundreds of community-focused churches must be birthed. It has never been our vision to form a single mega, regional church, but rather, to help fuel a church planting movement that runs up and down the Front Range. This is a long-term vision, not a short-sighted Band-Aid. In 2016, we pledged our support for a new church plant in downtown Denver, and we joined a coalition of seven like-minded churches across Arvada to strategically serve our city.

Launching the Storyline Residency

In 2017, Storyline will launch an innovative church planting residency for gifted leaders who feel called to plant. We have locked in our first future Lead Pastor, and look forward to receiving him and his family into the fold for a full year. In this incubator season, he will formulate his planting strategy, build his team, raise resources, and hopefully—steal some of our best people.

11 Acres at the Northeast Corner of 86th & Indiana

Burning the Note

When we purchased 11 acres near Five Parks in June 2015, we anticipated a long road ahead before we would be able to build. But God has hit the fast-forward button! Because of your faithful giving for the last 20 months, we have been able to save our dollars from supporting churches. Now, our sending agency, the North American Mission Board (NAMB), has offered us a $575K gift if we will match it with dollars from our reserve. We will burn the $1.15M note on our land and move into the design phase for our facility!

Catching the Vision

More than 600 people now attend Storyline on any given Sunday. Of this number, about 175 people have become fully engaged members—committed to serving, worshiping, and giving to the work of the Lord at Storyline. That’s about 29%. It is our prayer as Storyline grows we would see a surge in commitment, with more and more people deciding to buy in and own the vision of Storyline.

The Next Step: Forming a Project Team

As we burn the note on our land and aggressively move to design our future home, we ask you to begin praying for God’s vision to become clear to us. Our Board of Overseers are in the process of appointing an internal team to gather research and to present initial drawings to the membership. This “project team” will be dreaming up the best possible use of our land to impact northwest Arvada.


It should go without saying that land and buildings are simply tools for transformation. People far from God aren’t searching for a space, they are searching for answers.  Whatever God leads us to build, we pray that Storyline will give sacrificially so that lives may be changed.  Will you join us in thanking the Lord and praying for the vision He will provide as we follow His lead?

Ways to Pray

1. For God to give us clear vision on how to serve our city and build the right facility.


2. That we would send out our first church planter to another area of Denver in 2018.


3. For our exploratory mission trips to London, England, and Bangkok, Thailand — that we would sense God’s leading in choosing strategic cities.

5 Areas of Focus for 2017

Building Leaders: Whether on a ministry team, Home Group, or family level, we are committed to becoming more intentional in equipping men and women at Storyline to lead. Through workshops, classes, and on-the-job training, we are preparing to help our Storyline family take intentional leadership to the next level in their areas of influence.


Elevating our Outreach: Some Storyline events are planned with the purpose of engaging this community at our Front Door. We are excited to take those events—like the Fall Family Festival, our summer Kids Camps, our Women’s Christmas Gathering, and our Love Your Neighbor emphases—to a whole new level of intention and effectiveness in the coming year.


Telling our Stories: We know that each person’s life is a story waiting to be read. Through video, blogs, and social media, we hope to tell more of the life stories that are a part of the Big Story of what God is up to at our church.


Celebrating our Life Together: A church-wide Night of Worship. A Milestones Ministry that honors each family season from birth to graduation. Regular membership gatherings that encourage fellowship and focused unity. Our staff team is excited to introduce some new opportunities that will give us a chance to celebrate together all that we see God doing!


Creating our Culture: Storyline is becoming a family—and every family has a culture. As we take new steps in our ministry leadership, financial independence, and plans for our land and future home, we are creating a culture that will influence who we are as a church—and how we impact this community with the love of Jesus Christ.