Why Preaching is Such a Big Part of our Worship Service

Why Preaching is Such a Big Part of our Worship Service

You may have noticed that about half of our worship service time is spent with one guy on a stage, reading and teaching from an open Bible. You might be asking, “Why?” There’s a simple answer: we believe the Bible is the most important book you’ll ever read. That’s why we place such a high value on helping people to understand it.

The Bible has worth for instructing, guiding, encouraging and correcting, but only when it is studied and understood. Our hope is that by coming to Storyline, you will get a deeper grasp of how the Bible can be applied to your daily life. We take an “expository” approach to preaching and teaching. The word expository may sound sophisticated, but it simply means “to expose or to explain.” So, the goal of an expository preacher is to:

  1. Read aloud a significant chunk of Scripture (usually a few paragraphs).
  2. Explain what those words meant to the original audience.
  3. Extract the timeless principles and applications for modern people.

The aim of the expository preacher is to speak what God has already spoken. In faithful exposition, the loudest voice in the room becomes God’s voice, who alone transforms the human heart. The bottom line: the authority of a sermon should lie in the text, and not in the teacher.

If you have questions about the preaching and teaching at Storyline, email Ben@StorylineFellowship.com.