Our Preparing for Launch Program

Intentionally Investing in Your Kids!

Our Preparing for Launch Program

It’s a sobering thought, but the Scriptures are clear: parents are called to be the primary faith trainers of their children. It’s a calling that cannot be delegated to the “professionals.”

Storyline seeks to come alongside parents, to equip and inspire them, as they fulfill their calling in the home. The real power behind our new Preparing For Launch program is the way it helps parents diagnosis the seasons of life. Children learn much better when taught in a manner consistent with their current window of development. Here’s a quick flyover of the three main seasons in a child’s development and how they best learn.

The Imprint Period:
(From birth to about 7 years)

In this early season, children are all ears. They want to know what Mom and Dad think. They ask lots of questions and resemble little ducklings following behind the grownups. They relish games, stories, songs, memorization, and crafts.


The Impression Period:
(From 8 years to early teen)

The days are gone when the child accepts whatever the parent says. Kids are coming of age and want to know the “why” behind the “what.” Here, parents often say, “Because I said so!” Children want to know the rationale behind decisions because they are now thinking for themselves and have outgrown blind acceptance. They want room to talk things out.


The Coaching Period:
(from 14 years to adulthood)

The window of instruction is now closing. The cement is mostly dry and the teenager is forming a worldview that will guide them in life. Parental influence is taking a back seat as peer influence comes to the forefront. Wise parents now begin coaching their kids rather than attempting to control them. This means giving them room to fail and being present to pick them up when they experience defeat.

If God has given you the beautiful burden of child rearing, please grab a Preparing For Launch booklet today. We want to partner with you along the journey, because being a parent is high calling and a tall order.

Preparing for Launch BookWant to learn more about Preparing for Launch? Download this PDF guide.