Psalm 34

Psalm 34

I sought the Lord.
And He answered. 

Written by Adam Wiggins

“I sought the Lord, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.” Psalm 34:4

Do you ever have these moments in life when you feel distant from God, as though you’re in a dead spot with no cell reception? What carrier are we working with, anyway?

From several conversations I’ve had over the past couple of weeks, I know that many of us have experienced this – and are experiencing this right now –during this period of isolation. I’ll include myself in here as well. I’ve experienced a feeling of spiritual dryness and distance on some of these days that seem dark.

So how do we find spiritual nourishment in this dry and weary land? What should we do when we just don’t feel God’s hand, His presence, His fullness?

Psalm 34 speaks to this in several ways. David, who just escaped with his life, turns to God in praise. He says he will praise God at all times – even at times when he could be bitter instead.

As I’ve read through this passage numerous times this week, verses 4 and 8 just explode off the page for me. Because it’s in moments of difficulty, and pain, and of need, that we must seek out the Lord. David says, “I sought the Lord, and He answered me.”

How can we seek the Lord? What does that really look like? Here are a few ways I’ve found help me seek Him.

  1. Start the day in prayer.
    We all know we should do this, but actually setting aside some time and mental space for it is another thing. Starting the day by focusing for a moment upon the Living God reorients our hearts. It means that our work, frustrations, successes, ups and downs are all in front of this Audience of One. And we can do it with Him – instead of in front of Him – as we invite Him into our day.
  2. Read something biblically nourishing.
    Reading Scripture is our greatest need. It’s sufficient for all of life (2 Peter 1). The Bible is how God has chosen to speak into our world and our lives.Maybe you should pick a book of the Bible and begin reading it. Or perhaps you tend to read your favorite passages and think the same thoughts. Consider something devotional, where another can minister to your soul and where outside thoughts can come in.
  3. Chew on a single thought.
    No one likes to chew the same stick of gum all day. But I’ve found the opposite is true with meditating on God, truth, and Scripture: It takes time to soak it all in, mull it over, and let it sink in.From your reading, consider one single thought to carry around with you and chew on during the day. When I do this, it helps me to move beyond the intention of applying it, and actually live out of that truth.

So taste and see.

Seek the Lord for yourself. Call out to Him. Ask Him to answer.

He will.

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